Refund Transfers

The Easiest Way to Pay for Tax Preparation

Underbanked taxpayers may get the most benefits from the Refund Transfer, but even banked taxpayers select the Refund Transfer as a convenient method to pay for tax preparation.


No cash? No problem!

Tax preparation fees are paid directly from your refund*.

As fast as e-filing!

Your refund is available the same day the IRS issues the automated payment.

Safe & convenient!

Secure fast payment with convenient refund disbursement options.prefund_3

* Processing bank fees apply.

Refund Disbursement Options:

Once the IRS or State issues the refund, all the associated fees will be withheld, and the balance will be released to a taxpayer as a CHECK*, or a DIRECT DEPOSIT to a taxpayer’s bank account, or onto a PREPAID CARD.

  • Checks can be cashed at Wells Fargo up to $9,500 for one standard fee of $10, or at Walmart Stores up to $7,500 for $7.

Available January 2nd through February 28th

Need CASH before the IRS can release it?

Choose CashAdvance available at our office.

Get up to $6,000 the same day you file your income tax return!

Clients get a CashAdvance on a Walmart Visa Money Card or a check.

The rest of your money can be issued on a Walmart Visa Money Card or any of our other disbursement options: CHECK, or DIRECT DEPOSIT to a financial account of your choice.